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Maximizing Returns on Local Events through Smart PR Planning

What role should local events play in your communications plan and how do you ensure that you’re maximizing the return on every dollar you spend? The short answer is that local events are still an important part of your communications plan when they are carefully considered and executed. They still serve the duel purpose of distinguishing you from your competition while reinforcing your image as a leader.

Your challenge now is to ensure every event clearly supports a strategic objective. And while you’re at it, reexamine every aspect of what you are doing to make sure you are getting the greatest possible bang for your buck.

This program will address the strategy, tactics and nitty gritty details that go into creating a smart, results-oriented PR plan for local events.

Kimberly Elek
Principal/Chief Communications Strategist - McReynolds Elek Communications
Kimberly Elek is co-founder and chief communications strategist of McReynolds Elek Communications, a boutique public relations firm established in 2002. With twenty years of experience, Kim specializes in strategic communications, media and community relations and special events. She has an enthusiasm for the exceptional and has been instrumental in launching major new initiatives including customer service, technology and education efforts for the cable television industry as well as The...More
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Maximizing Returns on Local Events through Smart PR Planning
Published on 11/13/2013
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